The Maclaw Wheel

The Maclaw Wheel

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What is The Maclaw Wheel?

Find out more about us and our cat wheel

The Maclaw Wheel is an exclusive design, handcrafted and fully customisable cat exercise wheel; no two wheels are the same.
We are a small family run business in the heart of County Durham (UK) offering a bespoke exercise product, made specifically to provide enrichment and stimulation for cats in homes and outdoor enclosures.

From start to finish the Maclaw Wheel is built in-house at our very own Maclaw HQ workshop in the United Kingdom.

Each part is cut to the exact size for every wheel, this ensures accuracy through to the final finish and assembly of all our wheels. The standard work process we use is key to making our wheel the best you can buy for all cats.
We design and cut our own graphics, we apply every graphic by hand and all paint work and finishes are also hand done by us.

Once each wheel is completed and assembled it is put through rigorous testing in our final finish area, this is done by our own testing team of cats which live and work with us.

Only then, is the wheel dismantled and packed securely by us. We use a standard packing process that has been proven by the safe delivery of our wheels not only in the UK but all over the World.

If you are looking for a quality Cat Wheel for your cat/s or kitten/s, one which will stand the test of time, choose a Maclaw Wheel.

We build with cats in mind and we are proud to say we believe we make the best Cat Wheel in the World.

Allan Hodgson
Carpenter and Designer of The Maclaw Wheel

The Maclaw Wheel Key Features

The wheel has been created with cats in mind to ensure the greatest running experience, with features including:

A wide running surface, which allows two cats to use the wheel side by side.

3 spoke designs that attract your cat's attention when in motion.

A rubber running surface, providing durability and easy cleaning.

A 48" diameter wheel to ensure full protection of your cat's spine.

Safety covers over the front and back of the turning mechanism.

A wooden structure, designed to give a springboard effect for cats that like to sprint.

Sturdy construction which can bear weight of up to 15kg.

Our wheel gives a wonderful springboard affect when in use that makes for smooth walking or running by the weightiest of cat. Fantastic inertia makes sure a cat can be in control of how fast they are moving; this perfect weight balance also allows kittens over 6 weeks old to easily use the wheel.

Here at MaclawUK, all our wheels go through a two stage post production inspection - following precision laser checks, all products are tried and tested by the feline members of our family to ensure that each and every Maclaw Wheel gets the "paw of approval".

Meet Our Feline Wheel Testing Team

Charlie Maclaw - Supervisor
Billie Maclaw - Wheel Tester
Mara Maclaw - Wheel Tester

Vet Recommended

"As a veterinary surgeon with a cat-only practice I can say we see a lot of cats. One of the most important things for indoor cats is the provision of opportunities to engage in physical activity and mental stimulation. We are probably all guilty of leaving our house cats with too much food as we don't want them to have nothing to do when we are out and some cats will overeat out of boredom. An ability to be able to exercise is not only essential for high energy breeds such as Bengals but just as important for moggies so they don't develop behavioural issues that can lead to stress, destructive behaviour and obesity.

The Maclaw wheel is a great way to address issues of exercise even in a small area and cats will often intuitively just get on and get going. The wheel's quality construction and design make it not only functional in any cat household but also a feature so I would have no hesitation in recommending it to any cat owner looking for an ingenious way to enrich their cat's environment

Sarah Middleton MRCVS
Vet and Practice Partner : Simply Cats

About Us

We have owned Bengal cats since 2009, we had always had ordinary cats in our life but these guys were above and beyond the cat’s we had been used to, they were athletic, restless and clearly needed something beyond the normal cat toys we were using to amuse them. We knew we had to find a way to make sure our troop got as much exercise as they needed, we had seen cat wheels on the internet before and decided to go on the hunt to try and get one. After a few weeks of searching, we found that no one in the UK actively made them, we only found ones in the USA that were in our opinion too small and too expensive to import, so we decided to have a go at building one.

Building a wheel was the easy part, it was all the finishing touches that took months to get correct, some materials just didn't work and some elements proved very unsafe, but with the help of our own Bengals, we finally came up with a wheel that worked really well, was extremely safe and all of our cats enjoyed immensely.

Our son's uploaded pictures and videos of our cats & kittens running and playing on their wheel and suddenly we were being contacted by breeders and private owners all over the world asking where we had acquired our wheels.

So began our business, we started slowly as my husband Allan (our Master Carpenter) and I worked full time. We built between one and five wheels per year at first and only in the UK.

Our waiting list began to expand and in 2013 we decided the time had come to expand and make The Maclaw Wheel into a dedicated business. Our Vets (Sarah & Paul of Simply Cats) and an Animal Behaviourist friend (Louise) came on board to advise on size, safety, spinal health and monitor general behaviour in our own cats. They have been invaluable to us since the very beginning and we would like to thank them for their help and support. All cats whether pedigree or moggy have the ability to exercise on The Maclaw Wheel.
Allan & Jacqueline Hodgson