The Maclaw Wheel

The Maclaw Wheel

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Maclaw Wheel FAQs

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We will provide a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase on your Maclaw wheel. This will apply only to the original buyer. Our warranty covers defects that cause the wheel to perform incorrectly. The only moving part of the wheel are the bearings of which there a two. The bearings should last for many years, but are covered under the one year warranty should they stop performing as they should.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or miss-use.

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Yes you can, if you need to replace damaged or worn parts or just want some advice, please contact us and we will be happy help.

The simple answer is no, due to the size of the Maclaw Wheel and the fact that we do specify not all cats will use the Maclaw Wheel. We cannot arrange returns and we suggest if your cat will not use their Maclaw Wheel that you sell it on privately asking the buyer to collect.

We do advise all of our customers before they purchase, if you are in any doubt at all about your cat/s or kitten/s using The Maclaw Wheel please do not purchase.

The Maclaw Wheel is a bespoke handmade Cat Exercise Wheel.

When you order a Maclaw Cat Exercise Wheel you are commissioning us to build from scratch a totally unique wheel. Because each one is hand built and hand decorated and requires the same amount of work, materials and time we are not able to give a discount.

What we can say is we will get you the best price we can for shipping on multiple orders.

Maclaw Wheel – Stand

Maclaw Wheel – Wall Mount

No, the Maclaw Wheel is not a noisy wheel, the only sounds you will hear are paws padding along sometimes accompanied by purring and vocalisation from happy cats.

The Maclaw Wheel can support two cats running side by side with a weight of 15kg, the only issue you might have is some cats prefer a different direction to others.

Unfortunately we are unable to tell you 100% if your cat will use our wheel, but with that said, ANY cat has the potential, it really just depends on the cat and how much effort you are willing to put in.

Some breeds of cat no matter what the age will just use the cat wheel with very little training…

The breeds we have much success with are.

Bengal (inc early gen F1-F4)
Egyptian Mau
Russian Blue
Maine Coon

You should still keep in mind, there are no guarantees that your cat will use the wheel, each and every cat is different and you need to consider the personality of your cat when purchasing a wheel.

We researched quite a bit before we settled on the design and size for the Maclaw cat wheel, we consulted with our own Veterinarian and an Animal Behaviourist. The Maclaw wheel is large enough for a full sized male Savannah which is a larger sized and long legged pedigree cat and can reach weights of around 6 – 8 kg but our bearing system is designed to have free movement so that even the smallest of kittens can also use the wheel (under supervision of course). The Maclaw Wheel is designed to take a weight of 15kgs.

Maclaw Cat Exercise Wheels are handmade and primarily built to order. We work on a strictly first come first served basis, we do occasionally have a cancelled wheel for one reason or another and we offer this to the next customer on our waiting list.

Unfortunately this is not something we do.

Delivery FAQs

Please go into our Enquire to Buy section and submit a new enquiry…

Yes, you can collect The Maclaw Wheel from us, however we will ask you to sign a disclaimer stating you will take full responsibility for any damage sustained in transit once The Maclaw Wheel has left our Premises. We will also expect our customers to arrive in an appropriate vehicle as The Maclaw Wheel is a large item and will not fit into a people carrier or family car. You will need a large short wheel based van.

We have previously offered worldwide shipping on The Maclaw Wheel, but at this time we are not shipping our wheels outside the UK.