The Maclaw Wheel

The Maclaw Wheel

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Where Do We Deliver?

Maclaw Wheel delivery information

Where are we based?

We are based in the North East of the United Kingdom and this is where we ship our wheels from.

For Mainland United Kingdom

There is a set price of £130, this cost covers the packaging, courier and insurance should the wheel become damaged in transit.

NOTE : This price does not include the Scottish Highlands

For The Rest of The World

MaclawUK stopped offering global shipping in 2021 due to the high costs of shipping and customs fees. These fees made it difficult to offer competitive prices and led to potential shipping delays.

Packaging Information

We ship our wheel in 2 separate boxes, one very large box that contains the wheel and one smaller box that contains the stand.

box, paper, courier box-1252639.jpg

Box 1 - Wheel Box

Weight : 30kg
Length : 128cm
Width : 128cm
Height : 34cm

box, paper, courier box-1252639.jpg

Box 2 - Stand Box

Weight : 17Kg
Length : 92cm
Width : 76cm
Height : 40cm​