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The Maclaw Wheel

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Adrian Smith

Facebook Testimonial

Great idea. well made, built for the job and nothing flimsy.

Donna Shooter

Facebook Testimonial

Absolutely thrilled to bits with our wheel delivered today there’s no comparison from the Maclaw which is extremely quiet no noise whatsoever looks amazing strong sturdy unlike the cheaper made version that I’ve had in the past πŸ™ if I were to compare the difference in cars it would be like going from a rag and bone cart to an e-type jag

Alan and Jacqui are so lovely and helpful too

Thank you so much x

Christine Turnbull

Facebook Testimonial

We have 2 Maclaw wheels a second hand free standing and a wall mounted custom made wheel, everything from enquiry to installation was handled quickly and professionally. Wheels are currently being enjoyed by 4 bengals with kittens yet to experiment. Highly recommended. 😻😻😻😻

Rachel McDonald

Facebook Testimonial

Brilliant product, good customer service.

Wendy Minshull

Facebook Testimonial

We took delivery and set up our cat wheel on Friday, it arrived safely due to being extremely well packaged, the instructions for putting the wheel together were clear and easy to follow, the wheel is well made and sturdy. Our Bengal cat Holly hops on has a run and hops off as she pleases.
I can throughly recommend these wheels and Allan & Jacqui

Eric Berry

Facebook Testimonial

We just got our #maclawwheel from @maclawuk and it is AWESOME! It was pretty easy to put together and the instructions were very detailed. You can tell how much the people at @maclawuk love what they do by seeing the amount of care and detail they put into every aspect of the wheel. We couldn't be happier.

Thanks @maclawuk! #cat #kitty #catwheel #bengalcat #catexercise #batmanandrobin

If you want to see any videos of our cats on their wheel check out @BruceWayneTheBengal on Facebook and Instagram.

Malin Angelica Berger

Facebook Testimonial

Absolutly Beautiful Wheel ❀ Solid, easy to put togheter, smoothly and quiet running. Im very impressed, and very happy with my wheel:) Professional service too! I strongly recommend this catwheel to anybody looking for a high quality wheel. This one is totally worth it!

Paula Cocoracchio

Facebook Testimonial

I did a lot of research before choosing a company to provide a wheel for my Mum's three young cats. I'm so glad I did. Maclaw UK have been amazing from start to finish, always keeping up good communication with me as to what colour scheme was best for my budget, and how construction of the wheel was progressing. I'd cut it a bit fine for delivery in time for my Mum's 70th birthday, but Maclaw UK happily changed the delivery address at short notice so the wheel could be taken straight to Mums house. It arrived on her birthday, as we all hoped it would. The wheel was packaged extremely well, lots of protection and strong sturdy boxes. The wheel itself was easy to put together, and runs smoothly and quietly. Maclaw UK even included a laser pen to get cats started. It's clear to see the wheel is extremely well made and finished, despite my badgering to get it finished on time!

There is a huge choice of colours and patterns to be had, and the owners and staff of this British company are passionate about what they do. I am grateful for their prompt replies to my enquiries, and the cheerful responses I received.

Thank you Maclaw UK!

Kat Bowness

Facebook Testimonial

Got ours delivered yesterday and the Maine Coon already loves it, the Bengals, however, are taking little longer to be convinced.

Lill Chanett Olesdotter Andersen

Facebook Testimonial

My british shorthair girl just love her wheel ❀

Clare Riley

Facebook Testimonial

I have just had my wheel installed here at Truebengals, absolutely over the moon. Very well made and fantastic...

Steve D'GamingAcc

Facebook Testimonial

Glad I bought the Maclaw wheel instead of those cheap imitations, my Savannahs love it and my boy Asher goes flat out on it when he sees a cat outside like he's chasing it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Ingrid Weber

Facebook Testimonial

My 2 Bengal’s absolutely love their wheel. It gets used several times a day, every single day. Great to get some exercise and burn all that Bengal energy.

Anna Dean

Facebook Testimonial

My two cats absolutely love their wheel, one spends an hour every night walking and galloping whilst meowing for praise and a cuddle, the other one uses it as a destresser when he is waiting for food or when he gets anxious, Siamese so daily lol. Worth its wait in gold for my indoor cats πŸ™‚

Chiara Lombardi

Facebook Testimonial

I was the first international costumer this is the best wheel I have and exra silence compared to all other πŸ™‚

Kisangani Simone

Facebook Testimonial

Design and construction are top quality. The Bengals absolutely love it, and expect me to sit watching their skills. The ladies are attention seeking, show offs.

Tara Christie

Facebook Testimonial

Amazing People, Amazing cats, Amazing wheels.

Patricia Moore

Facebook Testimonial

I've had the Maclaw wheel for over 4 years and my fur kids use it daily. Not a day goes buy that they don't run on the wheel several times a day. It's extremely well made, quiet and a must have for my early gen hybrids. I highly recommend.

Carrie-Anne Gilchrist

Facebook Testimonial

Absolutely wonderful wheel my two furbabies love it x very well made and also very silent mechanism (until my two squeal in delight when on it lol) Would recommend for sure.

Aroma Glow

Facebook Testimonial

Absolutely brilliant. Wheel arrived well packaged, easy to assemble - cats are happy with their new toy!

Karen Frances McLean

Facebook Testimonial

Our wheel arrived yesterday, and we put it in the cat enclosure today. Our F2 boy Simba was on it like a rocket within minutes making himself dizzy and having a rare old time! Our F3 girl Flick is a little more cautious but is definitely interested in the wheel. I think they are going to love it! Fabulous service from Maclaw UK who kept us up to speed with the order from start to finish. Many many thanks! Xx

Kirk Sky Miles

Facebook Testimonial

This is One Bad A** Cat Wheel- Meticulously Hand Crafted-Our Wheel will be on "Antiques Road Show", in a 100 years & it will be in Excellent Shape & an Original with it's little Hand Carved Mouse on the Back of the Stand!!!

John Shelton

Facebook Testimonial

Just wanted to say thanks for the top job on our wheel the boys love it..... Five star service from start to finish.....easy to assemble and boys jumped on straight away with the laser pen u provided and are now happy to run on it without it.

John Warrington

Facebook Testimonial

Hi guys been very busy but just to let you both know Parvie loves her wheel and now goes into it on command!

I cannot thank or praise your company enough the quality and service of the product is well beyond our expectation!

I am going to email some footage to you of her inside it when I get round to setting my tripod up and big camera.

Your both very knowledgeable and lovely people it was a pleasure to meet you both and do business with you.

J Warrington (Pontefract)

Tasha King

Facebook Testimonial

After having our wheel for over a month now we are so pleased with it. We were kept fully up to date with everything that was going on with the build and delivery and any questions we had were answered. Putting the wheel together was easy with the step by step instructions we were provided with. Both of our bengals took to the wheel straight away and now use it several times a day at all hours although they don't quite have the hang of sharing it yet! I would recommended to anyone thinking of buying one.
Thank you Maclaw

Claire Kemp

Facebook Testimonial

We have 2 bengal cats, so the wheel is used daily in our house, it is an essential piece of equipment and gets used at all times of the day. The service was exceptional, I was kept updated on the progress while the wheel was being made and at every stage through to delivery, I would highly recommend to other cat owners.

Sophie May Leicester

Facebook Testimonial

We bought out Maclaw wheel July this year due to our Bengals being indoor cats... Since buying the wheel we have nothing but great things to say about this wheel, it is exceptional quality, very sturdy and can handle our two bengals jogging around on it at the same time, the only noise it makes is our bengals heavy footing when they are in sprint mode! The wheels surface makes it very easy to clean any mess up and give it a wipe down from time to time. Our cats love it and use it daily.

I would most definitely recommend Maclaw, so long as you have the room for you to fit one in your house haha

Kerie Receveur

Facebook Testimonial

Fantastic service all the way through, and I had constant confirmation of what was going on, including the slightly tortuous process of getting the wheel through customs out here. Beautifully made, and easy to assemble (esp. when I borrowed a couple of chaps to help!)

My Arabian Mau cats are not altogether sure what to make of it. My black-and-white boy took to it immediately, but the two tabbies and my giant ginger are not at all sure whether they like it or not, and they won't try it. I've taken to giving them some dry food on it in the evening, and while they'll put their front paws on and guzzle away happily, I think the movement is unnerving them.

I'm determined to keep trying! They adore the packaging - the big box is a permanent fixture in the sitting room, and the lid is a favourite scratching post πŸ™‚

Would definitely recommend Maclaw, for quality of the wheel and the customer service!

Fiona Cockerham

Facebook Testimonial

We've had a wheel for about 10 months. It's a great quality, relatively easy to assemble, one of our Savannah cats loves it (the others have a go but don't like to exercise as much). All are indoor cats so this allows them to keep fit and lean without the worries of going outside. We would definitely recommend the Maclaw wheels.

Emily Betteridge

E-Mail Testimonial

My 3 just love it!!! It's so quiet as well. I've put a couple pics and videos on Instagram and FB. I can't wait for them to get more speed in it hehehe!!

Thank you so much, it's one of the best things I've ever bought. Your whole process and set up etc is brilliant. You are a great team and a wonderful company, I can't sing your praises enough! I'm spreading the word to all my friends with bengals, they need a Maclaw wheel as well!!

Thanks again

Emily, Bondi, Sahara and Arizona πŸ™‚

Stacey Campbell

E-Mail Testimonial

Just wanted to say thank you for our new wheel which arrived in Scotland. I have two Bengals and one Savannah and they were all pro's within 5 mins of it being set up.

Quality of the wheel is terrific and It was packaged very securely, that I would have to rate it all 10 out of 10. Thanks again : )

John & Rachel De Rienzo

E-Mail Testimonial

The Maclaw Wheel has been the single most important purchase we have made for our two Russian Blue cats Oscar & Benjamin.

To say that they have both used the wheel everyday would be an understatement. They both took to the wheel immediately and over time have come to learn how to control its speed and are now very athletic which we can link to the Maclaw Wheel and its immense benefits it has brought to them both.

Oscar & Benjamin are indoor cats and we cannot imagine life for them now without the wheel. It really is part of them.

It has become a focal point for their playtime and it is wonderful to see them both get so much pleasure from it. They almost smile!, purr, tails up and literally sing as they walk and run, It is a sight to behold and gives us great pleasure to see how it has made them happy.

They have also begun to walk and run together on the wheel side by side and the wheel is more than up to the task.

We could not have asked for more. The wheel is beautifully crafted and made with loving care, it is both very strong and durable.

We would buy another in a heartbeat in years to come if need be.

This product is unique. Be very careful if you are considering a cheaper alternative. There may be imitators out there but there is only one true Maclaw Wheel. This is the real deal.

Diane & Martyn Nuttall

E-Mail Testimonial

A big thank you to Allan and Jacqui for all the help and advice in purchasing our Maclaw Wheel. From start to finish the whole process was explained clearly and without false promises.

Our wheel arrived on time and even the packaging looked very professional and guaranteed that the wheel was well protected. We could not throw away the larger box as the cats still play in it.

Once the wheel came out of the box (with all the cats help of course) there was no stopping them. With a little help to begin with all the cats enjoyed a walk and soon progressed to a trot then a gallop.

Now they knock each other off to get their turn. The wheel itself does not look out of place in the conservatory and when the summer comes we can use it outside in the cat run which the cats will love.

All in all we cannot fault the wheel. It does what it promises and is well worth the money. In fact we may get another one! Out of all the toys bought for our cats, this is by far the most appreciated and any genuine cat lover would not regret purchasing a Maclaw Wheel.

Deborah Mckno

E-Mail Testimonial

I will be ordering another one when I find the room.

Its the best thing I have ever purchased for the cats, fantastic thank you so much xxx πŸ™‚

I bought it for the big ones, but clearly the kittens just love it.

They started to use it around 5 weeks, each has their own style, the walker, the jump on and off kitty and the galloper LOL.

Moira Massey

E-Mail Testimonial

Our Egyptian Mau Flynn has taken to the wheel, running on it at least four or five times a day. He also plays games with it, he spins it and brakes it with his paws.

Vicky Marsden

E-Mail Testimonial

Just wanted to let you know that our Balinese Mina LOVES it, we've found her loads of times just walking on it by herself.

Our kitten Lacey also discovered the wheel a little while ago and she keeps going on it.

Thomas & Tracy

E-Mail Testimonial

We must congratulate Allan on a great design and well crafted wheel.

Pawl's confidence on the wheel is growing and whilst he mostly trots along he does break into a brief gallop.

We can't tell how much he uses it while were out, but he likes to jump on and demonstrate when we get in.

Helen & James

E-Mail Testimonial

Well we finally have some movies for you of Barley on his wheel, it took him a few days to get used to it and after that he seemed to have a knack for getting off it the moment we got a camera out!

He's really enjoying it now - he seems to particularly like 'chasing' after the paw print pattern as it goes round.

He's on and off it all evening once we get in from work.

Thank you again for making such a wonderful product.

Adam & Erika

E-Mail Testimonial

We have two very energetic EG Bengal brothers and as such are keen to channel their energies and keep them fit and healthy. I had heard of cat wheels before and decided to research them with the intention of purchasing one. After trawling the net it was clear that the Maclaw wheel was consistently recommended by happy owners. I placed an order and Jacqui helped us through the process and kept us advised on the wheels progress.

Allan and Jacqui then delivered the wheel personally. The wheel itself is a real work of art and of very high quality. It is very well thought out and is clear that a lot of time and research has been put into developing a wheel fit for Bengals! Jacqui also mentioned that each wheel is tested by resident Maclaw Bengals before it is shipped to each owner!

Our boys love the wheel-they use it regularly and I am extremely pleased with the purchase which I am sure will last a long time. I would strongly recommend the Maclaw wheel to anyone who has boisterous, energetic Bengals.

Claire Workman

E-Mail Testimonial

Thank you so much for our fantastic! Maclaw Wheel, from start to finish we received the best service and would highly recommend you to anyone. Our cats just adore our wheel and use it every single day, whether its a gentle jog or a manic sprint! Even our pregnant girl is using it as part of her antenatal exercise routine every evening.

We are so pleased with our purchase, its fantastically made, doesn't make a sound and looks good too.

Sky Summers

E-Mail Testimonial

I would highly recommend a Maclaw Wheel for all indoor Bengals, your customer service was second to none.

Quality product that I am sure will last a lifetime and be hugely beneficial in helping to maintain the boys health and happiness.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Pete & Claire

E-Mail Testimonial

We are really pleased that we bought a wheel for Yoshi, he gets plenty of use out of it at regular intervals day and night - a quick sprint then he lets himself be catapulted off it! Since buying the wheel we have noticed an improvement in his general condition, it also helps burn off a bit of that Bengal energy. The wheel runs very quietly and has never woken us up, even though we keep it upstairs. We also love the custom colour, it looks great!

Lynne & Liam

E-Mail Testimonial

We are very happy with the wheel and Liam being a joiner is so impressed with the workmanship, very well made "bespoke" wheel, he also understands how much time and effort Allan must have put in when making it. It runs really quietly, the only way we know they are on it is you can hear their paws galloping away. The paw print decorations finish it off perfectly.

Keith & Julie

E-Mail Testimonial

Just a few words to thank you for the wheel, all three of our Bengals love it and it never seems to stop, as 1 gets off another jumps on. It's a great source of exercise and constant fun watching them, they actually call (meow) for attention so they are being watched while using it.

The wheel has in such a short time become invaluable.

Thank you again for the excellent service.

Christina Walker

E-Mail Testimonial

I have finally found a UK manufacturer of a Cat Wheel for my tribe that is extremely well made, attractive to look at and the cats love it!

Jacqui & Allan of MaclawUK offer an excellent service & I can't recommend them enough.

If your feline friend is a bit saggy or you just want to add a new dimension to their enjoyment then order one now!

Linda Dunion

E-Mail Testimonial

Our indoor wheel is now being well used, The girls love it!

Look forward to the update on the outdoor prototype - it's just what my Norman needs to run off some of his energy :o)

My girls absolutely love the wheel, it has been a fantastic buy :o)

Gilly Croucher

E-Mail Testimonial

All Sunday after you delivered the wheel our Cats played on it, Tofi was like a girl possessed and wouldn't leave it alone, Bella kept pushing in which is quite hysterical to watch because Tofi runs facing left but Bella prefers facing right so once Bella gets on with her weight the whole wheel stops Tofi flies out and Bella pretends not to notice.

Sunday night I had to stop the wheel with cushions (mostly to stop Tofi disintegrating into a little furry greace-patch) and because Tofi is renowned for opening things and dragging stuff we had to close the lounge door to prevent overnight de-cushioning.

I can't believe just how much they enjoy it and how much they've used it, Tofi talks all the time and even purrs while she's running if you can believe that. Bella talks too and if you answer her she talks more and runs harder. This wheel and the contribution its made to the mental and physical wellbeing of my guys in only one and a half days is just fantastic.