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Welcome to The Maclaw Wheel, a fantastic cat exercise wheel designed and built in the United Kingdom.

As cat breeders, we know exactly how energetic they can be and the amount of exercise they require on a daily basis, our own Bengal cats have been instrumental in the development of our wheel and have allowed us to create what we think is the best cat wheel in the world.

Our wheel was originally designed in 2009 by Allan Hodgson (Mr Maclaw) and he alone crafts each one over a period of two weeks, the wheels are then hand decorated by Jacqueline Hodgson (Mrs Maclaw).

Once completed, the wheels are tested for a whole day with our own Bengal cats, this ensures that each wheel is ready and working perfectly before leaving our workshop.

The fact that we are personally involved in each and every wheels construction from start to finish is why we think we make the best cat wheel in the world.

Introducing the NEW Maclaw KittyGo > This is a truly unique interactive toy for Cat/s and Kitten/s.

The design has a rotating mechanism installed that spins when the cat/s or kitten/s jump on the base which is angled to rotate freely. It also has a removable dangle toy which makes it a little more versatile as we all know our kitten/s and cat/s can be particular. You can easily replace with their own favourite toy.

The Kitty Go is very robust and made from furniture quality plywood, stained and protected with water based coatings.

The design also incorporates a scratching post with a platform on top where your cat/s, kitten/s can sit. Our own kitten/s use this to hold onto while getting a spin.

Last but not least we also have a hand carved wooden mouse to chase on the base.

Head on into our Other Products section to find out more.

New Stock of Buy it Now Wheels > We have added some new stock of our standard MDF
Latte and Black Malcaw Wheel.

If you live in mainland UK and want to have a ready made Maclaw
Wheel shipped within 5 working days, go to our Buy it Now page.

These wheels are made from MDF so are £50 cheaper than our usual
Plywood wheel but only suitable for indoor use.

New Enquiry Wheel Builder > We have been hard at work for the last few months redesigning our enquiry area and creating a new wheel builder so you don’t have to imagine the design you would like us to make.

With our new wheel builder enquiry page, you can make your paint and vinyl selections and see the finished design to submit to us for a quote.

We hope this makes the selection and enquiry process much easier


!NEW! The Maclaw Scratch-Wing > We are pleased to announce that The Maclaw Scratch-Wing has finally arrived, we first showcased our prototypes when we exhibited at The Pet Show (Stoneleigh Park) last year. After months of testing and tweaking the design we are finally ready to go.

As this product is new to us, we are ONLY selling it in UK for now,
we will review this later in the year.

Head on into our new Other Products section to find out more.

NEW promo video > We're super excited to share our NEW promo video

The Maclaw Wheel | the worlds greatest cat wheel

The Pet Show 2014 > We're super excited to announce that we're going to be rolling up to
The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on the 2nd - 3rd August!

We'll have cat wheels to show off as well as
some of our new up-coming products.

We look forward to seeing you there if you're going! Stop by and
have a chat with us in The Cattery at Stand B20

Maclaw F1 Wheel > We own an early generation Bengal Cat called Chani.
She is classed as an F1 Bengal.

We have been building her a special wheel for her enclosure that is a carbon fibre style wrap and will be installing it this week for her. She is already one of our main wheel testers, so she will be giving it a good test before we can introduce it to our options.

Chani has prompted us to call this wheel the Maclaw F1

The Secret Life of Cats > If you happened to be watching ITV on Monday night in the UK and caught The Secret Life of Cats, as well as being a fantastic little documentary about cats, there was also a small appearance of The Maclaw Wheel at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, did you spot it???

If you live in the UK and would like to watch it, you can use the ITV online catch-up service on the following link


Cats are AMAZING :) but we suspect you know this already...

Hawaii Delivery > We have just had a first delivery to Hawaii Captain Cook - 7089 miles
which is 11408.6 Kilometers and arrived without even a scratch...
Sheeba & Sapphire 2 happy cats now --Aloha

Chasing Tails Custom Buy It Now Wheel > Introducing our very first Maclaw Wheel you can buy right now!

This unique custom wheel was designed by our own Mrs. Maclaw.
The design is loosely based on Yin yang.

Go to our Choose a Cat Wheel Buy it Now page to find out more...

This wheel has now sold :( watch out for the next one :)

Jenson & Chester > Absolutely brilliant news, one of our customers Emma has posted on
twitter that Jenson and Chester her two beautiful boys have clocked
up 60 miles on their Maclaw Wheel!

They modified their wheel with a bike mini computer to monitor distance
and top speed. That's got to be a record, if anyone thinks they can better
that please let us know.

Our New Website and Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium > We would like to welcome everyone to the new Maclaw Wheel website.

We hope this website will make it easier to select the purrrrfect
cat exercise wheel for you and your cat(s).

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium Wheel

In December 2013 we delivered a custom Maclaw Wheel to Lady Dinah’s
Cat Emporium (London) ready for their opening this year, we really love
how the wheel turned out and think it’s one of the best we have made.

Visit Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, soon to be London’s first ever cat café!
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