The Maclaw Wheel

The Maclaw Wheel

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The Maclaw Wheel, Buy it Now

Thank you for considering The Maclaw Wheel for your cat(s)​

Hello, do you need a Maclaw Wheel right now?

Here at MaclawUK we build to order, because of this we always have a waiting list for our wheels 🙁

But do not despair... we sometimes build standard colour wheels and the occasional special wheel that can be purchased immediately.

Available Wheels

Please Note : The wheels on this page are ONLY available for purchase by UK Mainland residents!

Description : Standard Colour Cream with Charcoal Graphics

This wheel comes in a cream colour with our standard paw finish of three spokes.

Although we call this our "Standard Maclaw" we want our customers to know, Mr. Maclaw builds each one by hand in our workshop. Whether standard or custom each one goes through various stages to get to the finished Maclaw Wheel. The Wheels are laser tested for accuracy, our own Bengals test each one for a full day and no wheel leaves without their paw of approval. The paw graphics are all hand applied by Mrs. Maclaw herself, she alone decides whether the graphics are correctly positioned, and her quality control while applying the graphics is second to none.

You can rest assured when your wheel leaves our workshop to be delivered to our very special customers and their humans we know the standard Maclaw Wheel is anything but "Standard".

Wheel Colour : Cream
Mount Colour : Black
Graphics Colour : Charcoal
Mount Type : Stand

Wheel Material : Latvian Birch
Mount Material : White Spruce
Wheel Type : Indoor Use Only - ( This wheel is not suitable for outdoor use )

Estimated Arrival : Shipped within 5 working days from purchase.
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