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 Other MaclawUK Products 

Our main passion at MaclawUK is to make the world's best cat wheel, but we have also been experimenting
with other things too. In this area you can buy our other innovative products for cats.

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 The Maclaw KittyGo 

This is a truly unique interactive toy for Cat/s and Kitten/s

The design has a rotating mechanism installed that spins when the cat/s or kitten/s jump on the base which is angled to rotate freely. It also has a removable dangle toy which makes it a little more versatile as we all know our kitten/s and cat/s can be particular. You can easily replace with their own favourite toy.

The Kitty Go is very robust and made from furniture quality plywood, stained and protected with water based coatings.

The design also incorporates a scratching post with a platform on top where your cat/s, kitten/s can sit. Our own kitten/s use this to hold onto while getting a spin.

Last but not least we also have a hand carved wooden mouse to chase on the base.


Status : Discontinued

Sorry - we no longer make this product
 The Maclaw Scratch-Wing 

The Ultimate in Scratch Technology

A unique design consisting of several angles to optimise the
ultimate in cat scratch technology.

The forward angle enables any domestic cat to get a full stretch
and an ideal platform height to perch, purrfect for grooming.

The structure is hand bound with 40 metres of 10mm sisal rope
and flexes when the cats jump, stretch and pounce on it.

The Maclaw Scratch Wing is hand built and assembled before it is
finally taken apart and carefully packed ready to be shipped.

Each Wing is made to excite your cat's curiosity, it has a hidden
hand carved wooden mouse and a pop hole at the base of the
post which enables your cat/s to play hide and pounce.

The Maclaw Wing is unique, well designed and built to last.


Status : Discontinued

Sorry - we no longer make this product