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 Buy it Now - Maclaw Wheel 

If you don't want to wait, we might have a Buy it Now wheel you can buy today and have shipped within 5 working days.

These wheels are made from MDF so are £50 cheaper than our usual Plywood wheel but only suitable for indoor use.

CLICK HERE to view our Buy it Now wheels (Mainland UK customers only).

For the rest of the world or if you want to build your own wheel, please use the wheel builder below.

 Enquire to Buy The Maclaw Wheel 

Thank you for considering The Maclaw Wheel for your cat(s)

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* For a more extensive explanation of The Maclaw Wheel and what is available - CLICK HERE

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* If you need further inspiration to help you decide on colour combinations, please visit our - Wheel Gallery

 Wheel Price 

  £500 - ( Custom Maclaw Wheel's START from £500 )
 First… Let’s Make Your Maclaw Wheel 

You can use our basic wheel builder below to submit what you would like your Maclaw Wheel to look like.

You can choose from our standard paint and vinyl colours or make a custom selection.

* Please remember that if you select customisations this will increase the price of the wheel.

The standard options are displayed by default, you must click the custom buttons
on the paint and vinyl selections to get extra custom options.

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 Describe Your Custom Wheel Design 

If you would like us to build a custom wheel for you,
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specific as you can.

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   happy with your standard selections.
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